2020 KCI Corporate Fast - January 6-19, 2020

Fasting: Why Is It Important & Its Relation To Health

Fasting has been essential throughout life and history. Many have applied this principle to their life. When God created humans, He created the only living beings on earth in His image and likeness and with a three part body. We have our spirit (our true selves), our soul (our mind, will, & emotions), and our physical body (our 5 senses and the flesh that we reside in). Fasting is a principle that impacts all areas of life - spiritual, mental (soul), and physical.


As we read in the Bible, fasting has been a part of cleaning, mourning, prayer for answers, and most importantly a connection with our Father God that is pure with a clear mind and a body eliminated from toxins. But, in order to truly get all that we can from this principle and part of life, we must do it properly. And, this requires knowledge and understanding of the implications and importance of fasting on all aspects of our being - spirit, soul, and body. Below are some articles and information about the importance of fasting and how it affects us in every area of life. 

Fasting Schedule

Medical Medium Liver Cleanse  

Daniel Fast

January 6-14, 2020  

January 15-20, 2020

KCI Community Fast - Liver Cleanse & Daniel Fast


Fasting and How it Affects Our Bodies:

Fasting affects our bodies and health. It is important to know how fasting can impact us physically and how to properly fast so that we do not harm our bodies, but maximize its benefits. Click here to read the article about fasting and our bodies.

The Liver & Fasting:

The liver is the rock of the body. Whatever affects the liver, will affect the rest of the body. Find out how fasting and other things can affect your liver by reading the article on this link


3-6-9 Liver Cleanse

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