Human Value

What is value?

How do we determine what is valuable or what we call value? Many place the word value with all kinds of things. They say money is value, class is value, color is value, status is value, title is value, a position is value. Are these really what make value? 

My mentor, the late Dr. Myles Munroe, once said,

"Value is measured and determined by the rarity of something.

The rarer the thing, the more valuable it is."

When we think about it, and take a step back and look at all of the things that we listed above and everything else around us, this definition of value is very accurate.

What we consider money, or currency, is not value by itself. The rarity of it determines it value. So, the less we have of it, the more valuable it it. The less class that we have, the more valuable it is. The less of anything that we have, the more valuable that thing becomes. 

Well, what about you? What about humans? Not one human is the same exact as the next. We are all different and unique in some way. There is one thing that each of us has that the other does not. We each have a unique gift and purpose (reason for existence, solution to a problem) that the other does not have. Only I can be me and do me that way that I am. And, only you can be you and do you the way that you do. Wouldn't that make you extremely rare? Wouldn't that make each human extremely rare? There is not another. There is only one of each human on this earth. 

Here, I will put it this way, there are about 7.5 billion humans on this Earth right now, but there is only one of each of them. So, we may all be humans, but there is only one of each of us and that is what makes it beautiful. There is only one you, one me, and one of each human. There is only one of you that has your gift and your purpose. We were all born with a purpose and to solve a problem. So, only you have the solution to the problem that you were born to solve. So, there are 7.5 billion different humans, each with their own gift and their own solution to the problem that they were born to solve. There are 7.5 billion different beautiful humans, 7.5 billion different gifts, and 7.5 billion different reasons of existence. You are the only one that has yours. and, each person is the only one that has his or hers. That makes each one of us one in 7.5 billion which makes each one of us extremely rare. And, remember, the rarer something is, the more valuable it is. 

Every human, no matter the color of their skin, where they came from, where they live now, what they do, how they live, what status they hold, how much money they have, who is around them or not around them, and we can keep going with the list, THEY ARE EXTREMELY VALUABLE. If one is gone prematurely, we all loose something of great value. We not only loose them, but we loose hat they were carrying inside, their gift, their purpose, and their solution to the problem that they were born to solve. That is a GREAT TRAGEDY! There have been huge losses of great value every day and it has been increasing rapidly. Why? Why, do we have to loose so much value everyday? Please remember how valuable you are and how valuable every human is. We need every human. We need each other. Each of us holds something that no one else does, and it is something that the world needs, that we need. 

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