Mentoring, empowering, and training the next generation of Agents Of Change, who will change the destiny of nations

Empowering the global generation of youth as they maximize who they are as agents of change,

changing the destiny of nations.

Our Mission

Empowering, mentoring, and discipling youth to discover and manifest who they are to their fullest potential, solving problems as visionary leaders and agents of change with sound principles.

Our Vision

Ways To Get Involved


Discover Who You Are

You are filled with important gifts and talents and you have a purpose that only you can fulfill, but first you need to discover who you are, why you are here, and where you are going. The E.P.I.C. Guidebook  and many other resources in our Training/ Resources tab can assist you on this journey. Once you have discovered who you are, you can become a true leader and begin to activate change in the world.


Activate Your


Ideas are powerful. Everything started out as an idea. They are the beginning of change. You were born to be an Agent of Change. Your ideas can change the world! But, having an idea is just the beginning. You have to activate your ideas into action. Let's find out how you can activate your ideas into positive change! Click here to get started!


Join Your 


There are so many students around the world, just like you, that are ready to make a change in their communities, society, and the world. Join your Generation and initiate the change that you dream to see in your community and the global world around you.

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Connect & Keep in Touch

Next Generation Live

Join us live on Facebook as we talk about principles of true leadership, success, youth empowerment, and how to be an agent of change.

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Next Generation Blog

Check out the Next Generation Blog.

Each post is packed with time tested principles and tips to for the next generation as we work together to transform the world!

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