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What to expect in 2022...

Transformation Mandate

Plato stated that “The heaviest penalty for declining to rule is to be ruled by

someone inferior to yourself”

In other words, If you don’t get involved in your governing you will be ruled by a fool! We cannot afford to let others take over your life - you must be involved in the process.

This can be at a local or national level. It can be as simple as joining a committee in your community or the local school board.

This is why I am inviting every one of you who have ever considered

getting involved in public service at any level to our next

Agents of Change Summit in Naples, Florida this January 21-22 2021.


We will teach you the fundamental truths and time-tested principles that are inherent in natural and Divine laws. You will understand the self-evident truths that are secured by the Bible and our Constitution to be preserved and protected. You will have knowledge that most people in public service are lacking – from the keys to exalting a nation and understanding true national transformation. You will have the tools and skill set needed to truly make an impact.

We have invited experts that are involved in many spheres of influence that can provide guidance and advise you in small group settings. You will walk away with knowledge, confidence and wisdom as you embark on making an impact in this generation.


As my personal mentor, Dr. Myles Munroe stated,

“The key to good government is good people in government.”  

Its that simple. We need good people engaged in society. 

Presented by Trista Sue Kragh
Founder Agents For Change, Intl


Trista Sue Kragh, utilizes her 25 years of hotel ownership experience as an international business and leadership speaker. 


She is the president and founder of Agents For Change Intl., a global leadership training and mentorship network. She has developed numerous online e-courses for individuals to become agents of change in their own nation as they discover and develop their personal area of leadership and influence. 


She serves as a trustee of her mentor, the late Dr. Myles Munroe’s leadership organization, ITWLA. She traveled with Dr. Munroe to numerous nations meeting with government officials.


Matthew Kragh, her husband of 14 years, is an award-winning architect with 8 regional offices. They have a son Maverick, 9 years old and daughter Shiloh age 5. They split their residence between Naples, Florida and the mountains of Western North Carolina. 



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Registration Deadline:

Jan 21, 2022

Naples Bay Resort
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Agents For Change Symposium
You may be a concerned parent or small business owner who is disturbed the direction society is going. Connect and learn and with others who desire to make a difference as an authentic leader - at any level. You will walk away with knowledge, confidence, wisdom and the keys to transformation.
Jan 22, 9:00 AM – 3:30 PM
2059 Tamiami Trail E, Naples, FL 34112, USA